FYI, LLG, and LGSL Working Together for Young Athletes

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Fairfax Youth Inc (FYI) was established to provide opportunities for young athletes in the Northern Virginia area to explore their dreams and goals of competing at the highest level of their chosen sports. Over time the focus of the Lady Lightning Gold Program within FYI has sharpened to the point of providing opportunities for the young ladies within our area of influence to stretch their skills and strive to play college softball while developing the game acumen and knowledge that college coaches look for in players. As we continue to move down that path FYI has recognized that partnering with other leagues within the region will enhance the opportunities for those young ladies to be able to chase those dreams while competing within their communities at a younger age. As such we have partnered with Leesburg Girls Softball League (LGSL) to offer additional developmental growth opportunities within the region. This alliance will see our ability to provide player clinics and development, as well as the same for coaches, expand in the area and help us achieve our goals of developing the skills and acumen within the region.

FYI and LGSL will operate in concert with one another to ensure that players are afforded opportunities, with FYI taking the lead on clinics and skill development. The Boards of both entities will cooperatively work to ensure that a mix of local travel teams and the more robust regional/national travel teams is offered within the Northern Virginia reach of the leagues.

All teams will be having open tryouts, however, private tryouts are considered upon request and scheduled as coaches are available. We will have a full listing of our teams for the fall available on our site soon to encompass the various areas that our program will exist within.

We are excited for the future, and look forward to the continuation of the focused development our programs offer.